Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Acceptance of Terms of Use

The company’s privacy policy explicitly conveys that the company, as the first party, collects and uses data from the visitor, the second party. We strongly suggest that all visitors review the privacy policy of GPS Live Center, and provide us with consent to use the personal information provided. If you do not agree to any of the terms of the website’s privacy policy, we request you not to use the services offered by us.

Sources of information:

We collect the data provided by the visitors on the website by filling out the various forms.

Information collected if and when visitors contact us for queries and requests.

Information that we collect through social media engagement.

Information collected via research surveys conducted by our website.

Cookies and IP addresses of the visitor.

Data sourced from Cookies and IP addresses:

The data collected by the visitors from tracking Cookies and IP addresses help obtain information regarding:

  • Size of our audience
  • Usage patterns of the visitors
  • Inclinations and preferences of the site visitors
  • Determine the return of the visitors
  • Determine the reach of the website
  • Detect the engagement rate of the website

Visitors members’ rights:

To empower the visitors, GPS Live Center provides a transparent system that enables the website visitors to know how personal information is being used. However, these rights come with a set of responsibilities. Site visitors must refrain from exploiting us when it comes to checking how the information is being used. These rights include :

The right to provide personal data

The right to access the information provided

The right to object or unsubscribe from data lists

The right to be forgotten or deleted from data lists

The right to rectify the given data

The right to complain if the personal information is incorrect or misused