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Garmin RV maps: Get Lost in the moment

Raise your adventure spirits, fill your coffee cup and fire up your RV and take off on a fun adventure with your family and friends. Garmin RV maps are a perfect companion for all your adventures. RVs and the passengers have different needs than a car and their passengers. RV is taller, wider and heavier than even the largest SUVs. All roads are not designed accordingly, some roads have restrictions regarding RVs and commercial vehicles. If you use a common car GPS in the RV then it can send you on some restricted roads. In the worst case, you can get stuck on some low overpass. Garmin RV GPS is designed for RVs with routes suitable for RVs. You get features which makes your adventure blissful.

We make various products for different niche markets. If you’re the one who spends a lot of time on the road-trips, you will find our RV GPS devices quite useful. So, start your RV, power on the Garmin GPS and go on trips. Remember that Garmin motorhome GPS is for North American travellers, i.e., the US and Canada.

We understand every need of the RV travellers and you’ll be delighted with the experience. Enter your vehicle’s statistics like height, weight, length and leave the rest upon the device to provide you with the best routes.


Important features of Garmin RV GPS

Large screen

See the routes clearly on the large screen. Use the landscape or portrait mode to view the route according to your needs.

Custom Routes

Custom routes according to your vehicles’ size, i.e., the length, width & weight.

Timely alerts

Get timely alerts so that you can enjoy driving without worrying about sharp curves, unexpected events.

Rest Stops

Provides the best RV-friendly stops for views or for a few nights. Check the ratings before you visit the places. Share your ratings.

Smartphone Connectivity

Never miss any notifications by connecting with your smartphone. Share your experience on social media.

Voice Control

Concentrate on driving while using the device with your voice. It understands more than a thousand voice commands.

Garmin RV update: For a Smooth journey

We release regular updates for making your adventures smoother and worry-free. Check for the Garmin RV update before going on adventures. The latest updates provide:

Improved Road Warnings

Road warnings improved even further, with the latest updates. Get alerts when you’re near a steep grade, road with a weight limit, sharp curves. Additionally, you will get detailed elevation information. It helps you prepare for the upcoming steep grades.

RV Parks & Services

Get the latest database of RV parks & services from popular apps. We have partnered with various services like Ultimate Campgrounds, KOA, PlanRV and the US national parks.

Trip planning

Connect your RV GPS device with Garmin drive and import & share your routes with other users.

Weather & Live Traffic

Live traffic & weather services are more accurate than before. Connect your device with the smartphone and access live services. Get detailed forecasts, animated radar, current conditions.

Fuel Prices

Get the fuel prices after connecting to the Garmin drive app according to your location.

Get RV Maps

If you’re having an issue with your RV GPS device, contact our GPS experts for help.