Garmin Nuvi

Garmin Nuvi Update

Garmin Nuvi is an easy-to-use GPS satnav device which comes in a variety of models. It comes with preloaded detailed maps of North America, i.e., the US & Canada. Garmin Nuvi update comes in quite handy as it makes sure that you are updated with all the changes.

The Nuvi GPS comes with Garmin Real Directions which helps to navigate by providing landmarks like gas stations, traffic lights. You get information about the shops, restaurants, hotels from popular social media sites.

All the Nuvi devices come with high commercial-grade materials which help to get signal, even in those areas where other devices can fail. Each device comes with an included suction cup mount which helps to keep the device firmly in place while driving.

With the Garmin Real Directions, you get turn-by-turn spoken directions and simple navigation. This makes the whole navigation experience a bliss, as you won’t miss any important place.

In collaboration with popular social media sites, it provides you with millions of Points of Interests. The POIs includes restaurants, shopping centres, businesses and other popular destinations. So, it is also an easy way to discover popular and new places.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, you also get, alerts about

  • School zone
  • Animal crossings
  • Speed camera alerts

Download Garmin Nuvi Maps

We publish updated maps every 3 months in which all the changes which have occurred during this time is released.

For downloading Garmin Nuvi maps install Nuvi Express.

Garmin Nuvi Express allows all the users easy access for the following services for the Garmin devices. Some services can vary according to the model number of your device.

  • Product registration
  • Product manuals
  • Software updates
  • Chart, map or course updates
  • Live services

Before downloading and setting up Garmin Nuvi express keep in mind:

Battery Level: Always charge the device to at least 80% before trying to update the maps or software. You don’t want to brick the device if the battery dies during the update process.

A USB cable: Check the condition of the USB cable. Sometimes, the update will not happen because of the faulty USB cable.

Check the internet connectivity of your computer, a slow internet connection will make the update process long.

Simple Steps to update the Garmin device with the USB cable.

Connect the GPS device to your computer:

1. If you want to update the GPS device then connect the device to the computer with the USB cable that is provided with the device box.

2. Type the following URL in the address bar of the browser:

3. Login with the email id with which you had created the account. If you’ve not created an account before, then at first you’d need to create the login with the account.

Then, just follow the on-screen instructions to update your device with a new map or software.

If you’re unable to update the map or software, contact our experts now.

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