Garmin Drive Smart

Garmin Drive Smart Maps: Simplifying driving

Choose from our various range of GPS devices for all your navigational needs. Get a Garmin DriveSmart and drive worry-free. It comes with powerful features and Garmin DriveSmart maps for providing every user with an intuitive experience. Get the best route for reaching your destination. The DriveSmart is a device with a slim build and premium features. Enjoy peace of mind after installing it in your car. With intelligent software, it learns your driving habits and provides routes accordingly. It encourages you to develop safer driving habits.


Features to opt for Garmin Drive Smart

Big screen: See the map in detail on the big-bright screen. View the map even under direct sunlight.

Talk To Me

Connect the phone with your smartphone and use it for making and receiving calls handsfree. Use your phone’s voice assistant as well.

History Database

Discover and visit historical places with the included database. You can also share places with other users.

Fun Planning

Plan your trips with the TripAdvisor. Check the ratings before visiting the places. A huge database of the US national parks.

Street-level maps

Every device has a pre-installed detailed street-level map. Never miss any address while driving with it.

Voice Command

Use voice commands for navigating while keeping your hands behind the steering wheel and eyes on the road.

Garmin DriveSmart Map Update

We understand the importance of service, Garmin DriveSmart map update is released every quarter to keep you updated with all the changes in roads and addresses. With major updates, we also add new features for providing a smoother navigational experience.

Improved Road Warnings

Road warnings improved even further, with the latest updates. Get alerts when you’re near a steep grade, road with a weight limit, sharp curves. Additionally, you will get detailed elevation information. It helps you prepare for the upcoming steep grades.


Get the latest database of POIs & services from popular apps. We have partnered with various services to give you a better experience.

Trip planning

Connect your DriveSmart GPS device with Garmin drive and import & share your routes with other users.

Fuel Prices

Get the fuel prices after connecting to the Garmin drive app according to your location.

Greater map coverage

Largest area coverage got even larger with the latest map updates. Drive worry-free with a detailed map of North America.

Traffic Cams & parking

New improved smart navigation with traffic & speed cam positioning. Check for available parking and fee in major cities.

Smart Notifications

New improved smart-notifications so that you never miss any important notifications while driving. Use text-to-speech for reading out loud.

Weather & Live Traffic

Live traffic & weather services are more accurate. Connect your device with the smartphone and access live services. Get detailed forecasts, animated radar, current conditions.

Update Now

We recommend all the users to regularly check for map updates. Connect your DriveSmart GPS device to the computer or WiFi ( for WiFi models only) for updates.

If you are having any issue with the map update, contact our GPS experts for help.