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Garmin Dezl Maps: For advanced trucking

Garmin takes care of all your trucking needs. Garmin Dezl maps are specially designed for truck drivers who do long-hauls. Professional truck drivers need much more than just sufficient performance. When a car driver misses a single turn then it doesn’t cost much, but for a professional truck driver, it means a loss of income throughout the long run. When someone is driving for a living, even a small improvement in efficiency can convert into large savings over a year because of the number of miles the average truck driver covers in a year.


Truckers are not fully confident about the Truck GPS

Even after all these technological advancements in the personal GPS systems, truck drivers are not fully confident about using the truck GPS. Most of them are hesitant to depend only on GPS technology when they are on the road. A large number of truck drivers say that the system is quite unreliable and it doesn’t allow them to plan their routes. Additionally, a simple car GPS doesn’t give them warnings about the roads where the trucks are not allowed to go or truck friendly points of interests. Keeping all these points in mind Garmin truck GPS is manufactured.

Truck navigation simplified with a Garmin Dezl Maps

Garmin Dezl maps not only provide directions but also has many additional tools which are designed to assist truck drivers on the road. The primary goal of the truck route GPS is to make driving more efficient and help deliver goods on time safely.

Download Truck Maps

Detailed Mapping

Every Garmin truck GPS has a detailed truck route. Our GPS is going to tell you the most efficient route and the time it will take to reach there. It will provide you with the estimated fuel cost and it will also help you to plan routes and stops along the way.

Traffic Alerts

The feature is now available for every device. Every GPS device will provide information about accidents, weather updates and other delays.


Garmin GPS device can connect with Bluetooth, WiFi, speakers, microphones, hands-free voice assistants and smartphones.

Truck Specific Routes

Our truck GPS is designed for providing the truck routes for fellow truck drivers. It will provide you with the option of planning routes according to the vehicle’s height, weight, length and type of cargo.

Driver assistance features

A truck GPS provides information like repair services, tow services, weigh stations, truck stops, rest stops and much more. The GPS provides additional information about curves, narrow roads and steep inclines. It also provides lane assistance for making sure that you’re in the correct lane.

Garmin Dezl Update: For avoiding expensive speed tickets

We understand the importance of providing long-term updates for our trucking community. Garmin Dezl update is released every quarter to keep you updated with all the changes. Check for the eligibility of free lifetime map updates. You can download the latest map for the useful life of the device. With the map update, you will always drive with the latest maps and avoid restricted roads.

Improved database log

Record and see your service logs in detail. View records like tire mileage, oil changes and much more.

Up Ahead

New improved up ahead provides you with the ability to view places without leaving the map. Get accurate and timely information about nearby services like food, fuel stations, ATMs.

Updated POIs

Search and visit truck-friendly POIs like restaurants, motels, fuel-stations with one touch. Check the ratings before visiting.

If you are having any trouble regarding Garmin Dezl maps update, contact our GPS experts.

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